Tarot Card Reading online over phone/ whatsup/ skype | Vastu Consultancy for residential and commercial across India & Abroad | Advance Aura Scanning for Horoscope & Chakra Healing | Palmistry - Palm Scan with solution & remedies
Appointment Date - 28 May, 2020
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Indian Vedic Palmistry
(With your customized Palm Reading we can help and guide you about your Destiny and Future)
Vastu Consultancy
(Vastu Consultation of Office and Home- Vastu Shastra unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology)
Vedic Astrology
(Kundli Analysis over phone- You can get your Kundli/Horoscope analysis over the phone in the Indian Style exactly)
Aura Scanning
(Scientific assessment of your problems such as elements coming from negative planets, due to this geometrical energies disturbances of house, geopathy and low chakra energy & chakra blockages)
Tarot Card Reading
(Tarot Card Reading online over phone. Consultancy and adequate guidance as required.)
Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy
(Hypnotherapy helps quiet the chatter and mind clutter in order to help us connect with our deeper selves)
(Numerology Consultation of Name over Phone with Name correction consultation as well.)
Reiki/Spiritual Healing
(Spiritual Healing is about working with illness, disease, and dis-harmony from multiple angles.)
Corporate Stress Management Workshop/Seminar
(Workplace stress alert: 60% of employees plan to quit jobs soon, says a survey)
Bhojpatra Yantra Available Online
(As per Indian (Hindu) Shastras the Yantra written on the "Bhoj Patra" is the best tool of remedy to accomplish the task of that particular yantra)
Online Pandit Booking at the click of your mouse
(AstrologyNCR is an online digital platform providing Sacred, Hassle-free Puja Services)
Online Pind Daan
(This service is for people who have no time to visit to Haridwar, but want to give Pind or Tarpan to his ancestors or departed family members)

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