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Average human have an aura of 2.5 to 3.5m, science have shown people like Narendra Modi, Barak Obama, have an aura of more than 20 meters.

The universal spectra are visible spectral colors known as VIBGYOR are called RAYS (7 planets except rahu and ketu), which builds us with constructive energy having a wave length of 400-700nm.

There are non-visible waves also called RADIATIONS which are harmful for human health (>700nm ;< 400nm) such as ultra violet, infrared, some other (higher negativity) which could create incurable problems such as chronic disease, depression, infertility, cancer etc. These can pertain your aura, which weakens the body aura.

Our saints called the Infra-red radiations as RAHU which gives problems in the body and Ultra violet frequencies are called KETU which creates problems on mental level, the combination of these frequencies on a person called Naga dosha. The spiraling serpents that we see in Lord Shiva temple are installed are symbolic of human DNA structure.

Astrology and our aura are directly connected. As every planet emits wavelenth which is one of the universal spectra thus Energizing and healing of aura energy will treat the negative and bad effects of that planet. If the Aura energy measured is less, (2.0m) it can be taken granted that the person is sick. The persons present in general medical ward found to have an energy range from 1.5 to 2.0 m and those who is undergoing treatment in intensive care unit have an aura of 1.0 to 1.2 m.


Our Services

Our services include very scientific assessment of your problems such as elements coming from negative planets, due to this geometrical energies disturbances of house, geopathy and low chakra energy & chakra blockages. We will provide you with remedies that are vedic, with guranteed results and are logical and scientific.

Our expertise on medical astrology, evil energy removal, geopathic stress, relationship issues, vastu dosha and on subtle energy level.


• Find Geopathic Stress Energy in Home / Office / Apartments

• Find & Removal of Negative Energy in Human body / Home / Office / Commercial Establishments

• Find & Removal of Spirit (ghost) / Black magic on articles, Home & Human body

• Find & Removal of Negative Energy in Gemstones / Jewellery

• Identify Navaratna/Vedic Gems that's suitable for person

• Find the Position of Chakras of Human body to detect Diseases

• Find the Strength of Navagraha/Nine Planets of Astrology without Horoscope

• Find Sarpa dosha, Pitru dosha etc

• Person-to-Person Compatibility check like Husband & Wife, Business partners, Family members etc.