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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy helps quiet the chatter and mind clutter in order to help us connect with our deeper selves. Connection can help us by unlocking our ability for focused healing and growth. It can be used to reach specific goals such as smoking cessation or weight loss, or it can be used to eliminate unwanted behaviors such as fear of public speaking or test anxiety. Hypnosis can also be used to focus and tap into our internal wisdom or wise mind. Giving your wise mind a voice can be a very powerful catalyst in unlocking your true potential and helping you find your life's path.

Past Life Regression?

Have you ever been curious about reincarnation or your past lives? Are you interested in understanding your life's purpose or figuring out the possible source of fears that hold you back? Past life regression is a branch of hypnotherapy used to remember and re-experience past lives. A belief in reincarnation is not necessary for Past Life hypnosis therapy to work as the mind will function whether or not you believe.


Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind. According to reports, the brain operates on four measurable frequency cycles: Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta. Theta is the subconscious part where all emotional experiences are recorded, while Alpha is where dreaming and daydreaming takes place. Beta is the conscious region for reasoning and daily activities. When we sleep, the brain automatically cycles down from Beta to Alpha and hypnosis takes advantage of this natural phenomenon. “It causes the brain to cycle down into Alpha without going to sleep. The subconscious mind is open to suggestive input and unlike the conscious mind, it doesn’t think or reason and responds to what it is told. Suggestions are then made into real behaviour changes by the mind.

Hypnotherapy goes into stored memories in the brain. “It’s like accessing your database in the brain and making changes at that level. Most people go into a naturally occurring state of trance without realising it, while reading a book or watching an interesting movie. Self-hypnosis helps people with chronic painful conditions or those with anxiety disorders, an area where hypnosis is very effective. It helps them calm down, whether before a meeting or an interview

Session lessons

Everyone’s curious. What happens in a hypnotherapy session? Well, if it’s a first session, the hypnotherapist will usually give you an introduction to the therapy, and also tell you about other available options for treatment as well as find out about your background, the problems you face and other issues that may be related.

Once hypnosis begins, the hypnotherapist helps you relax. This could be by talking to you in a particular manner, by storytelling, by asking you to focus on something particular, by using a mental image that’s soothing or even by chanting mantras. Basically, you are guided to a hypnotic state using whatever you are comfortable with. Once you have achieved a state of true relaxation, the hypnotherapist uses different techniques to address the subconscious and find the root of the problem. Depending on your personality and the depth of your problem, a session can last between 10 minutes to half an hour. Once you’re brought out of hypnosis, you may or may not be able to recall what went on.

From solving marital problems to curing phobias, addictions and chronic pains, hypnotherapy has proved effective in many cases.